William Bethram PHILLIPS - Paid Researcher Need

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I'm looking to hire someone who can research Birth records/announcements of a William Bethram PHILLIPS possiblity born in Shropshire around Sept 3, 1829.  My complete family tree is on http://slp4hire.com/phillips/familytree.htm and I just don't have much free time and don't understand many proper English terms..

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Shannon USA

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Shannon

You say that William Bethram PHILLIPS was born in Shropshire around 3 Sept 1829 but in your family tree on line it gives his place of birth as Wales (not Whales).  At the moment I can't find any trace of him in England or Wales.  It would help us to help you if you could tell us a bit more about him and where you have obtained the information you have at the moment.

I do wonder if his second forename may have been changed at some point from Bertram to Bethram possibly because someone couldn't read another persons handwriting.

In your online tree you show Elizabeth PHILLIPS born 12 May 1839 Shrewsbury, Shropshire the sixth child of William V PHILLIPS and Elizabeth Ann BARNES.  I can't find any trace of a Birth or Baptism for Elizabeth in 1839 so perhaps you can tell us where you got this information so we can follow it up in local records.