Thomas GRIFFITHS married(?) Francis DAVIES in Broseley c1640-1660

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I started my family tree at the age of 12 and I'm now mid-fifties,  but 3 years ago I decided to find my presumed Welsh roots, my surname being GRIFFITHS.
The furthest I have been able to go back is to Thomas GRIFFITHS, my 8th great grandfather, whom I think married Francis DAVIES in Broseley, if I am correct, in the first half of the 1600s.
I have read a document "Broseley and its Surroundings" that says GRIFFITHS is a common Broseley name.
The GRIFFITHS Family moved in a Kidderminster then in a Langley Green direction (to the Black Country) where mining seems to have been the common thread.  I'd love to get further back still, and find out more about  the 17th century Griffiths and whether there are Griffiths there still.  Also, whether the Broseley Griffiths actually did originate from Wales!
Does anyone have any idea?

Thank you!

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I also have been able to trace my family back to this couple. I think Thomas's father may also be thomas , but have not sufficient information to be sure. They had  a son, also named Thomas, who married Joyce Gamson in Kidderminster in 1702.

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Transcripts of the parish registers for Broseley 1570 - 1750 are available at  The earlier ones use abbreviations of the Latin -  fil (son or daughter), bap (baptised), nupt (married) and sep (buried). Unfortunately although they are all in .pdf format the "Find" facility only seems to work with those from 1700 onwards so some old-fashioned trawling through the pages is needed!