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Amanda Taylor
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I am researching my STALEY / STEALEY / STELEY Family History.  My 6x great grandfather Jonah STALEY was a shoemaker at Bishop's Castle.  His son, Adam STALEY / STEALEY married Elizabeth WESTON in 1785 at Smethcote Common and they had 9 children, all born in Smethcote.  Their eldest surviving son, Adam STEALEY moved to Wales and married Mary Ann DANKS.  However, their other children and families mostly all remained in Shropshire.  The only known son of Adam STEALEY and Mary Ann (DANKS) STELEY, Abel STELEY was born in Wales, he married Leah BEVAN and they had 12 children, all born in Wales.  The family moved to Australia in 1864.  Their son John Bevan STELEY is my 2x great grandfather.  I would love to hear from anyone who is researching this family.  I am hoping to travel to England / Wales later this year, so I would also be keen to hear any advice on how to further my research while I am there.  Thank-you.

Anne Stone
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Hi Amanda,

I've just joined this website so have only now seen this! I hope that you enjoyed your holiday over here a couple of years ago, certainly better than it is at present. 
It seems that we share ancestry in Jonah and Adam Staley and my brother was sent information from some of the Steleys who moved to Australia - would that have been your relations? We are descended from Margaret Staley, a daughter of Adam & Elizabeth Weston, who it appears was unmarried so her son kept the surname.

The Staleys seem to have originated from the Derbyshire Peak District area around Elton, where they were mostly lead miners, & then three brothers moved to Flintshire, again lead mining & Adam Staley, who I think was Jonahs father, was listed as a sojourner when he married Margaret Child in Wistanstow in Shropshire.

I would love to know if you have further info, or if I can help this research.

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Hi Anne and Amanda,

I am not directly involved with this family with the name of Staley or Stealey etc. but a member of SFHS called Andrew Birch (who is my nephew) and has lost contact with the Society - has done a lot of research on this family.

I know he has completed a lot of his own research into the Birch and Stealey connections through his father Ronald Birch 1931-2019. Ron was a child of Winifred Edith Stealey 1912 - 1996.

Andy also has a copy on some research shared to him from the Australian branch and would be very to pleased to help in any way he can. I have spoken to him and he suggests a direct contact would be best to his own emil address which is

Kind regards and good luck

Michael Tench