Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service History Society

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I thought this forum would be a great place to introduce myself my new project.

My name is Katy and after researching my own family tree and coming across some interesting Fire Fighting ancestors and also working for Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service I started the SFRS History Society .

I am keen to hear any local stories of firefighters or incidents that members of the public remember. I  also have been asked to research different subjects that I may need some help with if there are any experts out there??

Many Thanks for reading! Please take a look at my webpage - there


Katy :)


Michael J Hulme
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There are some fabulous old photographs on the Flickr feed of this site, almost all of which include several fire fighters, men and women. If you had a family member in the Fire Service you may well find a family member. Give yourself half an hour to an hour to browse through them.