SHAKESPEARE Family in Shrewsbury

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Hello , I am researching the Shakespeare family in Shrewsbury  , particularly John born about 1793 . I believe he had a brother called Jacob and a sister called Rosannah .   I have found the marriages of all three but I am unable to find baptisms -  can anyone help please ?

I have searched the IGI and FreeReg but found nothing . I know there are churches in the area not on the IGI so perhaps they are there .

There is a burial record for a Thomas Shakespeare at St Alkmund in 1820 - perhaps he was the father of John and the others. Also a marriage for Thomas to Elizabeth NUTTER in 1795 . This would have been a second marriage as she was much younger than Thomas . 

Best regards and thanks in advance for any help , Gary.


Martyn Freeth
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St Alkmund's, St Julian's and (probably) Holy Cross ( = the Abbey) are probably still missing from IGI Salop for the 1790s and up to end 1812..

The postulated father was buried in 1820 at St Alkmund's, as of Pride Hill. That, or at least part, was in St Julian's. The fiches and a good ms transcript are at Shropshire Archives, nowhere else.

I surmise, from scanning IGI, that Thomas moved in from elsewhere. A John Skakespeare was admitted a burgess of Shrewbury in 1820, as of Pride hill, nailer. That, of couse, is very much a Birmingham and Black Country trade - and a Warwicks and nearby surname.

Am not sure whether Kingswinford is in IGI for the 1740s, the era of Thomas' birth. A nest of nailers.

I am not currently visiting Archives, so if you cannot readily get there, they can search - but £25 an hour, minimum £5-00. E-mail queries to

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As noted above, some Shrewsbury baptisms are missing from the IGI. St. Julian's are missing from about 1712-1801. I have the covering transcript for St. Julian's, but at a quick look through shows no persons of this name.

With this baptism:

One would think the baptisms may be in that parish, but maybe on the edge of a piece or missing? So maybe Bishop's Transcripts at Lichfield will help. Otherwise you may want to see if he left a will, also at Lichfield. You can use the poorly indexed, but useful, indicies of death duties on FindMyPast as a make-shift national probate index from the late 18th C.

According to this:

Shrewsbury seems to be covered bar St. Julian's. Though I am not familiar enough with Shrewsbury records to know of gaps or likely periods of poor record keeping. There were also a number of NC chapels in Shrewsbury. There may be some at Shropshire Archives not in the IGI. Also worth considering is that one was supposed to be suitably admonished if a child was not baptised and such records may survive in vestry.

Also worth a look owing to the similar name:

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Very many thanks for your replies  , certainly a lot of new avenues to check .

Best regards , Gary