Schools during the period of 1924-1934

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Christina Tassell
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My dad, Edward Rowe Holloway born in 1919 went to school in 1924? Are there any directories of schools in the Leintwardine, Church Stretton area.

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Christina

I am wondering what has prompted your question because Church Stretton and Leintwardine are about 13 miles (21 km) apart and children would almost certainly have had to walk to school in the 1920's which would have limited his journey to school to perhaps two or three miles.

Your fathers birth was registered in Q1 (Jan-Feb-Mar) 1919 in the Church Stretton registration district which included Wistanstow (see 1921 census below).  Have you obtained a copy of his birth certificate? It is now very easy and cheap (UKP2.50) to get a Digital Image within minutes from the General Register Office <> Click on 'order certificates online' then you will need to register or login if you have already registered then on the next screen select 'Order a Digital Image' then select 'Birth' and select 1919 as the year, then on the next screen enter your father's surname and first forename then second forename and select 'Male' from the drop down choice for sex. Then click search. You will need to scroll down to see the result. Click the dot at the left of the entry then select 'Digital Image'. Click Submit on the next two pages after which it will take you to the payment page.

I notice in the 1921 Census your father is recorded as Edward ROWE 2 yrs 5 mths born Wistanstow Grandson of George HOLLOWAY. Parents both alive. He was living at Wistanstow.

I am not aware of a school at Wistanstow but there used to be one at Halford (just north of Craven Arms) which is about 1.25 miles (2 km) south of Wistanstow.  There was another at Stokesay (just south of Craven Arms) and about 2.25 miles (3.5 km) south of Wistanstow.

I couldn't find your father in the 1939 Register and was wondering if he might have joined the army or possibly emigrated.