Sarah Elizabeth SHAKESPEARE born 1854

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I am trying to find a record for birth/baptism for my gt grandmother Sarah Elizabeth Shakespeare who stated on census records she was born in Oswestry and on one occasion Wales.

Her parents Benjamin Shakespeare and Margaret Davies were living in Frankwell, Shrewsbury in 1851 and married Dec 1854 in Shrewsbury.

I have no other information on the family as to why they were in Oswestry district when Sarah was born.  Benjamin was born in Shrewsbury 1824, and was a Nailer by trade.  Margaret was born in Pontesbury 1821, father Richard Davies, mother unknown.

If anyone can help with information where I might find registers/transcripts, particularly the towns/villages close to or over the Welsh border at that time I would be grateful. 

Thanking you for your assistance and kind regards.


Martyn Freeth
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Quite extraordinary!

See the other Shakespeare posting below.

Benjamin was (almost certainly) the same as Benjamin the son of the John Shakespeare (admitted burgess of shrewsbury 1820 as of Pride Hill, nailer) who is almost certainly the same as the John (born around 1793) who is the subject of that other posting.

Benjamin was admitted burgess in 1845, as of Coleham, nailer, and son of John, admitted 1820. Benjamin was born after 1820 as John's then issue were listed at his, John's admission (Joseph, 4; John, 2; and William, 1).

You confirm that "your" Benjamin was a nailer.

Please see the other post for suggestions.

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Both parish churches in Oswestry are on FamilySearch up to some time in the 20th C. However, neither list any Shakespeares. There was also a chapel at Aston and another in Morton (near Wales); these are not in the IGI, only accessiable at Shrop. Archives & Oswestry Lib. to my knowledge. You also have Llansilin, Rhydycroesau, Trefonen, Maesbrook, Hengoed & scores of NC chapels near by, which are worth checking. 

Llansilin & Rhydycroesau were part in England & Wales; and parts of Rhydycroesau are often refered to as being in Oswestry.

However, I think you will save yourself time by buying a birth certificate. If they were non-conformists, which seems quite possible in light of the previous post above mentioned, the chances of you getting access to those registers are very slim.

That she would provide Oswestry, Wales in the census as a place of birth would suggest Rhydycroesau, but she does not appear in those.

Further, that she was the only child born in Oswestry, it is probably likely she would be baptised in Shrewsbury, where the family likely lived. In the 61 & 71 census, they are living at St. Chad. Those registers are also in the IGI up to about 1900. This again suggests non-conformism.

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Many thanks to both Martyn and David64 for their information.