Researching LALOP and/or LAWRENE family

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Hello -- I am from North Carolina, US and am a doctoral student conducting research on a book from UNC-Chapel Hill's special collections. The book has seen quite a lot of use, so I am trying to track its provenance. On the flyleaf there is an inscription reading either:

"Dr. R. Lawrene Lalop 1824" OR "Dick Lawrene Lalop 1824". I see Lawrene, which seems like an odd surname, but I couldn't imagine someone spelling their own surname incorrectly (such as "Lawrence"). 

An image of the inscription is here: and one of the title page here:

I have been able to track possible sources for Lalop. Mary Lalop was married to John Lauker on July 23 1837 in Shrewsbury, Salop, Shropshire. I have also found a record for a marriage between William Wills and Phoebe Merriss taking place in Lalop, Halesowen, Worcester, England in 1827 (and another in the same location between Martha Clift and William Rose taking place between 1800 and 1850). I have found no other evidence, however, of any local precinct called "Lalop" in Worcester.

I am looking for any help tracking the identity of Dick/Dr.  Lawrence/Lawrence, and/or whether Lalop could be a surname or a geographical location. 

I appreciate any help or insight! Thank you,

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I think you will find that 'Lalop' is actually 'Salop' which is another name for the County of Shropshire, so that would make it a location rather than a personal name.

Is the first part of the text which looks like 'Drck' possibly 'Dr. R' or even 'Dr. K'?


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According to UKCensusonline there is a Rowland Lawrence in the 1851 Census for Shropshire, age 64, occupation Physician & Surgeon. I don't have a subscription to any sites at present so can't give you any more details.