Private Baptisms ???

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I have never been able to locate the mariage of my great grandarents Sarah MILLS and William AUSTIN. A recent visit to the Archives to check out the baptisms of my grandmother Sarah Mills Austin and her sister Mary Mills Austin on the 2 May 1882 at St Marys Shrewsbury revealed a hand written note on the page edge   " privately baptised June 1879, received into the Church May 1982".

Can anyone throw any light on what "privately baptised" means and whether this can lead back to the marriage ?

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Michael J Hulme
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If you do a search for Private Baptisms you will find numerous results. I suppose the main point is that the child was baptised at some place other than a church, hence the second point when the child is 'received into the church' to formalise the baptism.

There could be different reasons why the private baptism took place in the first place. One of the main reasons was if it was feared that the child might not live long enough to be baptised in church and in these circumstances someone other than a vicar could baptise the child.

I suppose another reason is where the parents wanted the baptism to be performed in private, away from the church, probably in their own home.

I don't think a private baptism would have any connection with the marriage (or lack of it?) of the parents.