Noneley House

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Does anyone know the wherabouts of Noneley House Market Drayton, I think it is situated in Norton-in-Hales ? in 1911 it was the home of Lady Maud MOSLEY the mother of Sir MOSLEY Mosley, I think it was situated near Betton House ?

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Chris

Looking at the 1911 census (RG14PN16253 RG78PN1007 RD354 SD1 ED3 SN32) Mrs Katharine Maud MOSLEY is the Head aged 38 and she has written her postal address as "Noneley House, Market Drayton" on the census form but when you look at the transcript and the census enumerators book (the latter on Ancestry) the address is given as 18 Great Hales Street, Market Drayton.  So presumably they are one and the same thing.

If you look at Google Street View and search for 18 Great Hales Street, Market Drayton you will find it is a red brick building with three stories and two doorways.  As far as I can see there is nothing on the property now to indicate a house name so it is difficult to know whether the name is still used.


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Hello, I'm currently researching the same. Are you able to shed any light?



david edge
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In 1851 census Margaretta NONELEY widow of Richard Marigold NONELEY (d1839) and a surgeon of Market Drayton was living in Great Hales Street. The family originated from Noneley Hall, Shropshire but as far as I have researched so far Richard Marigold had been a surgeon in Market Drayton since at least 1802.

Possibility for house name?

David Edge, Loppington.