Marriage at Middle 1706

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John Sands
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I apologise if I have asked this before; the current lock-down has prompted me to revisit old questions.

Staffordshire, Dioceses of Lichfield & Coventry marriage allegations and bonds, 1636-1893 includes one dated 29 June 1706 for John SANDES bachelor of Whitchurch “aged 24 years or upwards” and Margaret LATHAM spinster of Prees “of the age of 21 years or thereabouts” and includes the provision added in manuscript “that the consent of the parents or other the Governors of the said parties be thereunto first had & obtain’d”. A typed extract on Find my Past web site of the Bishop’s Transcripts for the parish of Middle (now called Myddle; I believe the original registers have been lost or destroyed) includes a marriage dated 30 June 1706 between John SANDER and Margarett LATHUM.

Can anyone please tell me why parental consent was required if both parties were of full age, and why the marriage took place at Middle when neither party seems to have had any connection there? Did the local clergyman have a reputation for being somewhat flexible when it came to observing conditions such as parental consent? Would examination of the actual Bishop’s Transcripts reveal more than the typed extract?

Many thanks for any help with these interesting queries.


PS Great to see that for a limited time while libraries are closed, access to Ancestry Library and Find My Past is available for free through Shropshire Libraries website. Unfortunately I don't have a ticket; neither Herefordshire or Worcestershire (I have tickets for both) appear to be doing the same.

Michael J Hulme
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Hello John

The printed parish register of Myddle which was published in the 1920's has a gap in the marriages between 20 Feb 1704 and 18 June 1709 with the comment [Some leaves missing here.]  So it would appear your only hope is the Bishop's Transcripts [BT's].