Loppington and Burlton Remembered - Recollections of a bygone era

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If anyone is interested in #Loppington a book has been produced of recollections and stories before they get lost in the mists of time.
"Loppington and Burlton Remembered - Recollections of a bygone era"


£15 plus P&P - Lead contact: Bron Beard, lowevilla@yahoo.co.uk or 01939232489
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where can i buy book from



Michael J Hulme
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Hello Jeffrey

I have established that there are still some copies available.

If you are in the UK I suggest you ring the telephone number shown immediately above your question so you can establish the postage cost.  If you are not in the UK then email the email address shown above stating your location so that postage costs can be calculated.

Depending on your location you can pay by cheque or BACS or some other mutually convenient method.