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I believe my ancestor Elizabeth LELLO born 1809 at Clunbury  to John & Ann LELLO later married Thomas TROW about 1834, possibly at Brampton Bryan or Pembridge. They had a son William TROW about 1839 from whom I can show fairly good evidence of decendancy.

There is conflicting evidence that Elizabeth might have been referred to as LELLO or LILWALL in 1834, but there was an order of filiation made which might account for the vagueness.

Any related information by other family researchers most welcome.

Ross Fielding (sidtoo@dribble.freeserve.co.uk)


Michael J Hulme
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For the benefit of any readers who do not know, Brampton Bryan and Pembridge are both in Herefordshire, the former just south of the Shropshire village of Bucknall and the latter west of Leominster.



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There have been other postings relating to LELLO either on this or the old Message Board. (I have no personal connection).

The following pasting from one of my narrative tables (for Tilsley) gives what may well be a missing link for at least some of the Lellos in Clun. But note that the Tilsleys were fairly well-to-do and the connection is unlikely to go straight to ag labs or similar, at least in the first or so generation down.

My tabs may be lost in pasting. If so, follow the numbering.


2e            REVD JOHN TILSLEY; of Llwydcoed (ownership of which is referred to in his Will); born 1686/7; bap [ not yet searched ] ; educ at Jesus Coll, Oxon, subscribed 10.7.1704 aged 17, son of John of Aberhavesp, Monts; BA 1708; Rector of Penstrowed 1732;  ; buried [     ] ; Will dated 6.11.1746 – witnesses Edward Owen, Evan Arthur and John Pughe – (a verbatim copy made in 18th or early 19th century is in the collection of Morgans, solicitors, Ludlow – papers of Thomas Evans, of Clun –  at SRRC (reference 5236/B77/81)); he revokes an earlier Will inadvertently signed in the presence of Mr Maur[ice] Stephens and the late Mr Morgan Shipman and forced from him in a state of sickness, which Will was in the custody of the late Mr Morgan Shipman; he was to be buried privately and at little expense; in particular he revises the bequests – the original amounts are unstated but clearly would have totalled the full power of £300 – to be charged on Llwydcoed under “the marriage deed” of his first wife; he makes it clear in two or three places that his circumstances were then straitened and he hopes that by reducing the portions charged on Llwydcoed for his younger children his eldest son William will out of pious care pay his debts on behalf of the testator’s present wife Martha and their children Edward, Basil, Theodosia, Mary and Diana (all Tilsley); he leaves his books to his son Edward; the sums then so charged are mentioned below against each of the named younger children of the first marriage; John, Richard, Hester and Annamaria (written as one word) were to possess Llwydcoed until their portions were paid; residue to wife Martha and their children (again named in full); trustees wife Martha and William Jones of Newtown, innkeeper during the minority of the children; married 10.1.1715 at Castle Caereinion (MMI per WB) ELIZABETH SHIPMAN (born [      ] ; bap [ not in IGI ] ; daughter of Morgan Shipman, of Aberhafesb (Will of Morgan Shipman, farmer of Aberhafesp proved 30.3.1733 in PCC (PROB11/658 – copy held) and his wife [       ] ;  ; buried [       ] )



6f      ANNAMARIA TILSLEY; bap 2.8.1720 at Aberhafesb (BTs per WB); was left a portion of £40 by her father’s Will in exercise of a power reserved in his (first) marriage settlement to charge Llwydcoed; of LDL at her marriage;  ; buried [     ] ; married 28.4.1748 at LDL (as Lelow) (certificate by Revd Thomas Pritchard in SRRC 5236/B77/81) THOMAS LELOW (  ; “of LDL” at his marriage;  )

        [ # no attempt has yet been made to trace this family further but entries clearly exist ]

1g               JOHN LELLOE; bap 1.9.1749 at Clun, son of Thomas Lello and Anna Maria (IGI/Regs) ;

2g               RICHARD LELLOE; bap 2.9.1751 at Clun, son of Thomas Lelloe and Anna Maria (IGI/Regs)

3g               EDWARD LELLOE; bap 27.6.1754 at Clun, son of Thomas Lelloe and Anna Maria (IGI/Regs)

4g               ELIZABETH LELLOE; bap 2.1.1757 at Clun, daughter of Thomas Lelloe and Anna Maria (IGI/Regs);  ;  ; [ ? married 19.6.1788 at Clun EVAN EVANS (   )

5g               LETITIA LELLOE; bap (as Loetitia) 22.12.1759 at Clun, daughter of Thomas Lello and Anna Maria (IGI/Regs)

6g               ELIZABETH LELLOE; bap 7.7.1762 at Clun, daughter of Thomas Lello and Anna Maria (IGI/Regs)




Martyn Freeth
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In the pasting attached to my last posting "LDL" - Llanidloes; "MMI" = Montgomeryshire Marriage compiled by Mr T E Gwynne, of Wellington; "WB" = "The Families of Montgomeryshire" by William Barker, of Shelton, Connecticut. I "have" the Tilsley line back to 1580s in Eccleshall, Staffs.

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Hello,       My ancestors are Lello.    I have been able to go back to John Lello born c1810 in Clun area, he married an Elizabeth but I don't know her surname.   I have never been able to connect them with the big Lello tree in Ludlow although I am sure there must be a connection.     The largest tree with detail is run by a group in Tasmania, you can find them just by googling Lello.    I have also had contact from a Mr Arthur Lello who I believe is a member of SFHS but does not have a commputer, he is quite knowledgable about the family but he couldn't connect my John.       There are some Lello families which have similar names and it is so easy to mix them up.




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This has been very helpful in my research. Thank you