How to find Film Number at Mormon Church

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elizabeth Langford
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Hi, it's a long time since I asked for help, but does anybody know how to access digitised films of Shropshire. I have a Mormon's church in walking distance from my home. When last I visited the films come up with a lock on them. I am told I have to use the images button. How do I find the exact film that I want to read. Hope this makes sense. Regards Elizabeth Langford.

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Elizabeth

I have moved your query from the unrelated topic.

If you go to the Family Search web site (sign in if you wish) then select ‘Search’ near the top and then ‘Catalog’ (US Spelling) the next screen gives you several options to ‘Search for:’ with ‘Place’ being the first.

Enter the place you are interested in then select it from the drop down list and follow the options which come up.

If you are still stuck I am sure someone at your local Mormon Church will help you.