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Robert Shaw
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Can some kind person, help or advise me please, I have been sent a photograph of a headstone, unfortunately it is of poor quality, and was wondering how I can go about finding what it actually says, does anyone have a list of MI's:

Not 100% sure but we think they were buried at Saint Mary the Virgin Churchyard Red Lake

Thomas MANSELL died April 2? 18(6?)


Susannah MANSELL 
died April 29th 18??   aged 85


Margaret Susannah xxxxxxx

Any help would be most appreciated.

Bob Shaw

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Hi Bob,

Sorry I can't help with MIs as I live in Kent. But if you can access Findmypast (FMP) website then you will get clues from searching in the Parish Burials section. FMP has images of 3 burials in Red Lake, Ketley for individuals with name Thomas Mansell: Thomas died 11th April 1860 aged 20 yrs; Thomas died 28th April 1862 aged 80 yrs; Thomas died 4th September 1867 aged 52 yrs. Also Susannah Mansell died 29th April 1866 aged 85 yrs. Also Margaret Mansell died 15th March 1856 aged 16 months - I wonder if this is Margaret Susannah.

Hope this helps

Phil Poole

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Bob

Saint Mary the Virgin Churchyard at Red Lake is actually the parish church of Ketley Parish.

The monumental inscriptions were recorded in 1981 with additions in 1984 but unfortunately they don't include any mention of the stone in your picture.

As well as the churchyard there is a cemetery a short distance north of the churchyard.  This is operated by the parish council but we don't have any details of the gravestones.