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Paul Evans
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Hi all

This is to introduce myself as the new “maintainer” of the GENUKI section for Shropshire. Many of you will be familiar with GENUKI - – but may not know that it has been upgraded recently with better software and access to new maps. One of my main tasks as the maintainer is to make sure everything is up to date and to extend the range of information about every parish across the county.

Naturally I got in touch with the SFHS to see how we might work together. I am pleased to say that I was given a warm welcome and this posting is the first step in forging that relationship. I hope to provide an article giving much more detail in the next Journal. I will also be checking that all the publications from SFHS are referenced on GENUKI.

GENUKI relies wholly on volunteers. In the past that has often meant taking on full responsibility for a major area. It is now much easier to make small scale contributions about individual parishes or special topics.

I will post from time to time about updates and changes. There will be new and updated guidance on how to use the new facilities in GENUKI shortly.

I would welcome any views about what you find useful in GENUKI, what you think can be improved and whether there are parishes or topics where you would be interested in making a contribution to the information held.

Meanwhile you will also find me popping up on the Forum about my personal interests in Shropshire.


Paul Evans



Michael J Hulme
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Hello Paul

It's good to know that GENUKI Shropshire has someone to look after it.