Free eBooks from Shropshire Libraries

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Michael J Hulme
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Whilst searching for a book for my granddaughter recently I discovered that Shropshire Libraries is now providing a small selection of free e-books.

To quote from their web site, "Shropshire Libraries is providing a small selection of e-books by authors associated with Shropshire, or that feature descriptions of the area. These are either out of copyright or have permission from rights holders for them to appear here. The e-books can be downloaded free of charge and used for personal enjoyment with the only restriction that they should not be used for commercial gain. They are listed on this page alphabetically by author in two sections, Non-fiction and Fiction."

Most of them are available in some or all of the following formats:

  • MOBI for use on the Amazon Kindle
  • EPUB for the Sony Reader and other devices
  • PDF for Adobe Reader enabled software

For more information see the Shropshire Libraries web site at:-

I have asked someone in Australia to try downloading some of these and he was able to do so without any problem so these should be available worldwide.

If you need to change the format of an e-book to suit your reader then there is a free conversion program called Calibre available from  Do watch the demo video.

If you don't have an e-book reader you can get a Kindle App for the iPhone and iPod Touch (I don't know about Android) or you can read the PDF version on your computer.


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Many thanks for that tip, Michael. I have an iPod and have just downloaded GONE TO EARTH and THE GOLDEN ARROW as last one is about the Stiperstones where my ancestors came from. Gone To Earth was filmed where my Mum grew up too. I will look forward to reading all about those places.


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Many thanks Mike.

Mary Webb lived for a time at Stanton on Hine Heath where many of my ancestors were beorn or were married including my great grandparents and I have relatives buried in the churchyard.

I read somne of her works many years ago and look forward to reading them on my Kindle

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This is excellent news, will be downloading them all for the Kindle later tonight.

Do you know if they will be updating these and adding more over time?