DAVIES family Upton Magna 1800-1911

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I'm starting to dig deeper into the family past and I'm getiing to grips with the DAVIES family who lived around Preston Boats Farm and Upton Magna for most of the 19th Century. I'm reasonably certain Robert DAVIES (1799-1882) is my 4xGtGf. His son William DAVIES (1837~1889) married Emma OARE in Uffington 1867.

Later in life in the 1891 Census, Emma is widowed, living at 'Horse Boat House' (Underdale area of Shrewsbury) and listed as 'Keeper of Boat'.

1. Were there any records or licences issued to operators of a boat on the River Severn in the 1800s? Any records in Shropshire Archives? I'm trying to establish if she was the ferry operator or just had a boat on the Severn.

2. Is there any written history about the ferries across the river (Uffington, Underdale and Preston Boats)?

I have come across a few photographs of the ferries taken around the 1880s onwards but no history or documentation. Does anyone have any more information?

Steve J (b.1957 Cross Houses - now living in Gloucestershire)