Charles family 1850 Cow Bank, Ketley

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Please could someone with more skill than me help me resolve a problem? My ancestor Samuel Charles was living on Cow Bank in 1841/51. He was born in Swansea and must have migrated into the area where he worked as an Iron Miner. The cottages on Cow Bank were listed as ,Colliers Cottages, presumably owned by his employer. The was also a Thomas Charles living on Cow Bank, he was 35 years older and a labourer. Can anyone please direct me towards records of Cottages owned on Cow Bank. Is there any information on migrants into the area maybe under some Companies sponsorship? Help would be very gratefully received. Thank you! Mike Charles



Michael J Hulme
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Hello Mike

I have been told that "Cow Bank" should read "Cow Wood" and is in Red Lake.

The housing may (but only may) have belonged to the Ketley Company.

Barrie Trinder on page 188 of "The Industrial Revolution in Shropshire" says "squatter cottages".

Hope that is some help.