Birth/Adoption Ellesmere 1927

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Does anyone know of any mother & baby homes or adption organisations operating in Ellesmere in 1927?

The individual being researched is Roy BULLOCK, born to widow 'Pattie' (Martha) BULLOCK (nee WILLIAMS) in Ellesmere 1927 & found to be the biological son of widower Samuel COTTON.  Roy was adopted by the LOWE family of Birmingham (Thomas LOWE & Mary LOWE nee DAVIS) but we are trying to discover the circumstances of this, since Martha 'Pattie' and Samuel were together in 1939.

The address on Roy's birth certificate is 37 Cross Street, Ellesmere. 

Any clues or research suggestions gratefully received.

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Hi Joy, I don't know of any adoption services in Ellesmere at that time. And the workhouse closed in 1930 I think. But I don't think that they would have anything to do with Roy.

I've helped another person who's father was adopted, he was born in 1938 but he was not adopted till 1940. So if anyone get's his 1938 Birth Cert now, written in the margins is Adopted but no other details.

So was Roy officially adopted?

I've researched the families who were living at the address you gave for Roy's birth place, in the 1921 Cens & the 1939 register. I've tried to find connections from Roy to these families but I can't find any yet.

1921 Census Of England & Wales
37, Cross Street, Ellesmere Urban, Shropshire, England
First name(s)    Last name    Relationship to head    Sex    Birth year    Age in years    Birth place    Occupation    Employer
Elizabeth H    Barnes    Head  Widow    Female    1871    50    Ellesmere, Shropshire, England    Home Duties    -
Daisy A A    Barnes    Daughter    Female    1907    14    -    -    -
Emma K    Barnes    Daughter    Female    1909    12    -    -    -

The above family in earlier Cens' and Marriage Banns

Marriage Banns:
First name(s)     John James   Bachelor
Last name     Barnes
Residence     Criftins (place also known as Dudleston Heath)
Banns date     03 Oct 1897
Marriage place     Hanmer
Spouse's last name     Francis   (also alias Smith and France)
Spouse's residence     Hanmer
Spouse's first name(s)     Elizabeth Hannah  Spinster
County     Flintshire
Event year     1897
Country     Wales
Banns year     1897
Event     Banns
Record set     Flintshire Marriages And Banns
Category     Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
Subcategory     Parish Marriages
Collections from     Wales, Great Britain

1901 England, Wales & Scotland Census
Greenhill Bank, Ellesmere Rural, Ellesmere, Shropshire, England
First name(s)    Last name    Relationship    Marital status    Sex    Age    Birth year    Occupation    Birth place
John    Barnes    Head    Married    Male    25    1876    Well sinker    Ellesmere, Shropshire, England
Hannah    Barnes    Wife    Married    Female    29    1872    -    Ellesmere, Shropshire, England

Births Jun 1906   
Barnes     James Edward           Ellesmere     6a    713

Births Sep 1907   (Daisy)
BARNES     Alice Ann           Ellesmere     6a    657

Births Jun 1909  
BARNES     Emma Kathleen           Ellesmere     6a    657

Births Dec 1910   
BARNES     Thomas B           Ellesmere     6a    589    

1911 Census For England & Wales
56 Scotland Street, Ellesmere Urban, Shropshire, England
First name(s)    Last name    Relationship to head    Marital status    Sex    Age    Birth year    Occupation    Birth place
John    Barnes     Head    Married    Male    33    1878    Platelayer    Shropshire Ellesmere   Married 13yrs 4 Children
Elizabeth Barnes Wife    Married    Female    39    1872    -    Shropshire Ellesmere
Eddie    Barnes    Son    -    Male    4    1907    -    Shropshire Ellesmere
Daisy    Barnes    Daughter    -    Female    3    1908    -    Shropshire Ellesmere
Emmie    Barnes    Daughter    -    Female    2    1909    -    Shropshire Ellesmere
Thomas    Barnes    Son    -    Male    0 5mths    1911    -    Shropshire Ellesmere

BARNES, JOHN  JAMES             EVANS      
GRO Reference: 1877  J Quarter in ELLESMERE  Volume 06A  Page 753

Death Sep 1919         Age
BARNES, JOHN  JAMES       41  
GRO Reference: 1919  S Quarter in ELLESMERE  Volume 06A  Page 616

And Elizabeth Hannah Francis (also alias Smith and France) is hard to trace who she actually is etc.

On the births of her children her given maiden name is either Smith or France go figure that! i---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1939 Register
37 Cross Street, Ellesmere, Ellesmere U.D., Shropshire, England
First name(s)    Last name(s)    Birth date    Sex    Occupation    Marital status    
William H    Gough    30 Apr 1909    Male    Lorry Driver    Married    
Alice M    Gough    26 Aug 1908    Female    Unpaid Domestic Duties    Married    
The record for this person is officially closed.

Marriages Mar 1932  
Gough     William H     Ellesmere     6a    1254
Quilter     Alice M        Ellesmere     6a    1254

GRO Reference: 1909  J Quarter in ELLESMERE  Volume 06A  Page 658

QUILTER, ALICE  MAY             ALLEN      
GRO Reference: 1908  S Quarter in ST. PANCRAS  Volume 01B  Page 135

But better news is, I've done a lot of research on Martha Williams' family etc going back in time & coming forward with some of her siblings. Just let me know if you would like that info.

Best Regards