Birth Cert: Thomas RUBBATHAN/ROWBATHON b.1725 Oct 10 Berriew, Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales

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Bronwen Summers
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Kia ora

I am wanting to get a birth certificate for Thomas - not sure where I can find this?  Any help appreciated.  Bronwen Summers, Christchurch, NZ

Thomas was living with his wife Sarah (James) in Edgton by 1768 

Thomas RUBBATHAN/ROWBATHON husband of Sarah James

b.1725 Oct 10 Berriew, Powys, Montgomeryshire, Wales

m.1761 June 22 Aberhafesp, Powys, Montgomery, Montgomeryshire (copy of banns & marriage certificate).


Sarah James wife of Thomas RUBBATHAN, mother of William RUBBATHAN

b.1734 Oct 27 Montogmery,

m.1761 June 22 Aberhafesb, Montgomery, Montgomeryshire (copy of banns & Marriage cert)


Children 4

1760 Feb 22 William Rubbathan, Montgomery, Montgomeryshire (listed as illegitimate) (reg.)

1762 Mar 20 Thomas RUBBATHAN, Montgomery, Montgomeryshire, Wales (reg.)

1764 Feb, Ann RUBBATHAN, Montgomery, Montgomeryshire, Wales (reg.)

1766 Apr 25 Sarah RUBBATHAN, Montgomery, Montgomeryshire, Wales (reg.)   (a Sarah Rubbathan had a child out of wedlock 1798)

1768 Feb 17 Elizabeth RUBBATHAN, Edgton, Shropshire, Eng.

1769 June 3 Mary RUBBATHAN, Edgton, Shropshire. Eng.

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Hello Bronwen

The first point to make is that you can't obtain a Birth Certificate for any birth in the UK before the 1st July 1837 when they were first introduced.  Prior to that date you need to look for a Baptism entry which will (hopefully) have been recorded in their local church register.  Most of the these early registers are now deposited at the local archives office or in Wales some may be at the National Library of Wales.

As you have probably realised Berriew was historically in the County of Montgomeryshire but is now part of Powys.  This page on GENUKI will give you lots of background information about Montgomeryshire but you won't find any actual name lists.


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Hello Bronwen,

You can find images of the baptisms from the Parish Registers (PR) of both Thomas in 1725 and Sarah in 1734 on the subscription website Findmypast. The PR record for Thomas is in clear hand-writing and is in Latin, stating his parents were William and Ann. The record for Sarah is not quite so clear, but sufficient to be able to read that her parents were William and Sarah James. Their is also a marriage record for them in 1761, and although only faint, it is possible to read that they married by Licence and also gives the names of the witnesses to their marriage.

If you look back slightly further on the Findmypast website then there is a baptism record for a William RUBBATHAN on 3rd February 1695 at Llanbrynmair, the son of Benjamin; again in Latin and a very faint image to read. Could this William be Thomas' father? 



Bronwen Summers
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Many thanks to you both.

Apologies I meant the entry into the register.  Yes I knew it was now part of Powys (I went to Powys Castle some years ago as theoretically some of my forbears worked there).

I do have the marriage details and have now purchased the Marriage cert from the National Library of Wales.

m.1761 June 22 Aberhafesp, Powys, Montgomery, Montgomeryshire (parish marriage entry & marriage certificate).  Thomas noted as a yeoman on the licence.

I am not a member of FindMyPast but need to have a look at this - I don't want to sign up to something for a year which so many of them you have to.

Great stuff Phil!

Nga mihi nui

Bronwen, Ch.Ch. NZ