All Saints Castlefields & St. Michael's War memorials WW1

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I am working on a research project the war dead of both Castlefields & St. Michael's parish's.

Shrewsbury all parishioners who were killed or died in 1914-1919.

I would like to find as many photographs of the fallen soldiers as I can.

I have a list of those I require and I know its a long shot but maybe some one out there can help.

many thanks PHIL

James JARRETT K.S.L.I. 26-Apr-15
St. Michael's Parish
William WALKER Lancashire Fusiliers 07-Aug-15
Leopold Edward HIRONS Royal Welsh Fusiliers 10-Aug-15
Gordon Charles WALKER Montgomeryshire Yeo 14-Sep-15
Richard E. JONES Royal Horse Artillery 04-Jul-16
Charles Henry COTTERILL Royal Engineers 18-Aug-16
Jim BERROW Cheshire Regt 05-Sep-16
Frank POOLE Kings Liverpool Regt. 18-Oct-16
Thomas A. ARROWSMITH K.S.L.I. 02-Apr-17
Jeffrey HEATH Cheshire Regt 21-Jul-17
Edward Charles WILCOX Lancashire Fusiliers 10-Aug-17
Alfred FLYNN Warwickshire Regt. 10-Sep-17
John TOMPKINSON K.S.L.I. 24-Mar-18
Alfred CLIFT Leinster Regt. 27-Mar-18
Edgar James HUSSEY Royal Field Artillery 31-Mar-18
William Albert MATTHEWS South Staffords 29-Jul-18
William Rose BARNETT Royal Air Force (formerly K.S.L.I.) 05-Sep-18
Wallace Leonard STOCKS Welsh Regt. 07-Sep-18
Gilbert Whittal FEWTRELL Royal Field Artillery 08-Oct-18
Arthur Thomas JUKES Yorkshire Regt 19-Oct-18
George ROBERTS K.S.L.I. 23-Oct-18
Allan CARTWRIGHT K.S.L.I. 20-Nov-18


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Hi. I have noticed you were looking for information on Edgar James HUSSEY.
I too have been searching for photographs of this casualty and wondered if you had found anything since you made this post?
He lived at 56 St Michael's Street and was married only weeks before he was killed.
His widow lived in the same house until the 1950s I believe.
Edgar's family came from Buckinghamshire originally but moved to Shrewsbury around the turn of the century.
I have been looking for more information on Edgar as he may have been a close friend of my Grandfather around the time he was killed.
I do have a picture which may be Edgar, but I don't know without anything to check it against.

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Hello David

Regards to Edgar James HUSSEY, still not managed to find a photo of him have you had any luck


david edge
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I notice that Thomas GROOM  RWF is missing from your list.

Son of George and Mary Groom, 2 Beaumont Terrace, St. John's Street, Castlefields.

KIA 28 June 1918

Does this mean that you have a photo?

If so, I should appreciate a copy please as I believe him to be also on our War Memorial here in Loppington.

Many thanks,

David Edge, Loppington.

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Hi Phil, I to asume you also have a photograph of my grandfather James STOCKTON b 9 Nov 1887 @ 59 St Michael's St, DFI 9 Apr 1917 1st Australian Hospital, Rouen?

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Hello Graham

Sorry no photo of James STOCKTON he is not commemorated on my parish war memorial either on all Saints, Castlefields or St Michael's, Shrewsbury even though he was born at St Michael's he was not living in the parish when he was serving in the war sorry I cannot be of any help


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David I do have a photograph of Thomas GROOM happy to send you a copy