Adoptions In Shropshire Pre 1920's

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Hello all - I have posted on here only once before and I found you all to be a very helpful bunch, I am here again hoping someone can help me :)

I am specifically wondering if anyone has any information on adoption in Shropshire around 1919. My Grandmother was born and adopted in 1919. She was born at The Lodge, Ellerdine, Shropshire. I am struggling to get any information as to what The Lodge was although my hunch is that it was a home for unmarried mothers - is there any way I can get this confirmed. And if it was - would any records have been kept?

Her birth certificate has no father listed, was registered a good six weeks after birth and has the mother listed as a housekeeper despite her being only in her early 20's at the time of giving birth. I have her mothers name but am struggling to trace her anywhere post 1919 - roll on publication of the 1921 census!

What I am really looking for is the name of the family who adopted her- I know they were neighbours of her natural mother. I wonder if anyone has come across this kind of quandry before and can share their experience or offer a helping hand.

Kind Regards - Jeff



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Hello Jeff

Been thinking about it and having a look on 1911 census address list for the lodge but cannot find it under what I think it should be..........I would look at old maps and try and find all the lane names and see if you can find it that would give you a pointer if it was a little lodge house or a big house or home....what about workhouse.........looked also for the name and the are 2 Elsie M Griffiths I see for that area.....what I do is go back to 1901 census with all the families with a daughter called Elsie in that area and then come forward to 1911 with all the girls in that area called Elsie....hope that makes senses it takes a long time but sometimes it cuts down the families.........also someone I worked with was adopted by a neighbour when she was little but she knew were she came from as they stayed in that area for quite some time.....did the family who adopted your Gran stay there or move on.....did your Gran mother stay around there if she did people would know her or her family......village sites...also the village were my Mum and Dad was born there is still my uncle and a friend of my parents living there, so your could see if anyone is still living in the Mum was born 1925, so it's still possible there is someone nearby........did she get married or have any more children....if you could cut down the family you might be able to find a brother or sister still alive from her family......also if you can trace where she worked back then, it sometimes can give you a pointer to the father......I also can't wait for 1921 census to come out......hope you find her soon...Debi