MYTTON or ROGERS at Halston in range 1810-1840

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Dear Local expert,

I am posting “I may have a family connection to Mad Jack Mytton” question. The family story is that my mother’s grandmother was told by her grandmother (my 3rd great grandmother) that she was the daughter of Jack Mytton of Halston Hall, and this woman ran off with the coachman.

I am a novice at family history but have established that this potential ancestor is not a legitimate daughter of Jack Mytton. From Mytton’s known behaviour with women he probably fathered many offspring with maids and village girls, amongst others. Neither I nor my mother know whether this 3rd great grandmother was in the paternal or maternal line and I have drawn a halt following the family through the data base and search engine. The most likely name of the woman is Mary, Ann or Jane Jones, which is not focussed enough.

I also have a range of about 20 years (1810 to 1830ish) when Mytton could have fathered a child.

So I have concluded that I must focus on the coachman part of the story. The most likely coachman name for the partner of the bastard child is Edward Rogers (b 1810) if she was born ~1820+ and I am less sure of a potential coachman’s name in a  generation earlier which was probably James. The runaway couple went ‘over the hill’ into Wales where they stayed with a curate. From Nimrod the coachman at Mytton’s funeral was Mr Bowyer, so I am looking for his predecessor or successor (or indeed another stable worker). Did the Halston household keep adequate records of staff and do they still exist?

Could the curate be the one mentioned in Nimrod and could I find records anywhere about him?

I realise that this may be a difficult question to answer but if you could give me some guidance of where to continue I would appreciate it.


Best regards, Judith