John GRAY of Build was Abbey (emigrated to Norway).

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I wonder if anyone here could tell me where I might be able to find out more about a John GRAY who was born in Buildwas Abbey during the early 1600's? He is a distant ancestor of mine.
He immigrated to Norway following the civil war, or at least that is what I have been told, but I have not been able to track him down in any UK sources and so I thought I would ask about it here, in the hope that someone might be able to help me figure this out.
Here is his Geni profile (name spelling is a early Norwegian version of John GRAY/GREY), it has some text from a Scottish University (see under link), regarding his immigration to Norway, but that is all I know.

- University of St Andrews Record ID: 6545

During the civil wars in Britain (1639-59) John Grey of Buildwas Abbey lost his lands and was expelled from England. Around 1643-4 he fled to Norway where he married Magdalene Bang, the daughter of a clergyman Gabriel Anderson Bang. Her father was the minister of Fjellberg parish and held several pieces of property. John became known as the count of Netteland, where he died circa 1666. .......................................................................... Statsarkiv, Bergen: L.H. Horton, Ancestral History of the Grey-Lason-Hjortaas family, (California, 1963), p.24.


In advance thank you