The 52 Ancestors Blog - Are you doing it?

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Evening All,

I don't know if any of you have heard of this... A lady called Amy Crow who is associated with Ancestry and publishes the blog started a challenge last year called 52 Ancestors. It's as simple as it sounds, write a blog every week about a single ancestor. However long or short you wisht it to be.

She has restarted the challenge this year and this time with suggested titles for every week to give some inspiration. Every Thursday she does a recap blog on her page and asks you to post the link to your new blog post.

I have already done mine for this week and I have written about my Grandad, Bob Gennoe.

I would love to have a read of anyone else's if they're involved or if you're not - then join in! I simply made an account on blogspot (run by Google), picked a template and started writing.

Would love it if you'd take a read and even subscribe to my future posts: