Diocese of Hereford Wills

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jackie williams
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Thought members may like to know that there is now an index available online for wills proved before 1858 in the Diocese of Hereford which includes much of south Shropshire.

Sorry I don`t do links but it can be found at Hereford Archives website. Hopefully someone can check this out and post a link??

The index is free - the wills then have to be paid for.


Michael J Hulme
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Hello Jackie

Thank you very much for the information about the Hereford Wills Index which will be of great use to our readers with ancestors who lived in the southern half of Shropshire, basically those south of Shrewsbury.

The results from an index search provide you with the following information:-
Type - Will or Admin
Date of Probate
Execuror(s) Name(s)
Value (May be a rounded figure)