Crowd Source Map Indexing

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Michael J Hulme
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A new web site named GB1900 has recently been established to index every name and piece of text on the Ordnance Survey 6 inch to 1 mile maps of the UK published around 1900.  Whilst this might seem to be a big task the idea is to use crowd source assistance so that lots of people each do as much as they want to help.  At present there are over 700 volunteers who have already indexed nearly a million entries.

The interface is very user friendly and it is the sort of thing you can pick up and put down any time that suits you.  There is a short tutorial which is well worth looking through.  I have found it is better to use a computer rather than a tablet firstly because it is slightly more accurate and more importantly the computer remembers your previous entries so that each time the same entry comes up again you just need to type the first letter and click on it without any further typing.

This is a remarkably good way to learn more about your area of interest, whether it is where you live now or where your ancestors lived around 1900.  Do join in, wherever you live in the world, the finished result will be to the benefit of all researchers.

NOTE: The GB1900 site is not connected to the Shropshire FHS.