Christmas Present Idea for Surfing Family Historians

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If you are seeking something to improve your surfing of all those many pages of information on the Internet, then why not consider a Mouse with a BACK button on it. I have used one for several years now and after trying to run the computer helpdesk at the Shirehall last evening using a mouse without one, I realised how useful they are.

The benefits for example are when clicking on an entry in e.g. Ancestry (other web-sites are available wink),  realising it's the wrong page, and not having to move your mouse up to the BACK Icon, but just clicking one of the extra buttons on the side of your mouse with your thumb, there is no going back (if you get what I mean).

The particular mouse I use is an expensive Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, but I know other cheaper ones are available from other manufacturers that still have the extra, sometimes programmable, buttons. The mouse I use has another button that is a magnifier, but don't expect too much from that as it can make the image very pixilated at high magnification.

n.b. I realise that most web-pages allow you to right-click on them, then click back as an alternative.

WebMaster Graham