Wrockwardine Poor Law Papers CD

Wrockwardine Poor Law Papers - CD

Discovered while clearing out the vestry loft at the parish church, bundles of documents dating between the mid 17th and early 19th century paint a picture of the lives of the poor and those who had the responsibility of their care. Letters from the destitute contrast with those from fathers reluctant to accept responsibility for their illegitimate children. Official documents reflect the operation of the Poor Law and receipts for goods and services indicate the impact that complying with the Law had on the community.

This CD-Rom contains transcriptions of these papers, which are a wealth of fascinating information and are important both to Family Historians searching the area for their ancestors (over 5000 names included) and Local Historians studying the impact of the Poor Law.

Suitable for IBM compatibles running windows95 or later. Uses Adobe Acrobat Reader that is included on the CD.

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