WOOD Family, Wrockwardine, Wombridge, Eyton Upon the Weald Moors, Lilleshall

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I live in the US. My 3rd great grandparents were John and Rosanna Hayward WOOD of Pottsville and Danville, PA and Blaenavon, Monmouthshire. They were married 11 May 1829 Llanhilleth, Monmouthshire, Wales. John was a collier and ironstone miner who worked for the Blaenavon Ironworks. My 2nd great grandfather's two oldest siblings (Sarah and Elizabeth) were baptised in Blaenavon. Rosanna was the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Wakeley HAYWARD of Blaenavon, Wombridge, and Wrockwardine. She was baptised 10 May 1807 Wombridge.

John and Rosanna's tombstone in Danville reads: JOHN WOOD DIED OCT 14, 1856 AGED 48 YEARS & 6 MO. I have not found out for sure who his parents were. But because of DNA matches, I believe he may have come from the same area as Rosanna. I have been looking at the possibility that he may have been a child of John (1783-1835 Wrockwardine) and Dorothy Hebbert WOOD married 22 Dec 1805 Lilleshall. And maybe John 1783 was a child of Thomas and Mary CHERRINGTON of Eyton and Wrockwardine. But I'm at a total loss. I was hoping to find a connection with my John WOOD 1808 England-1856 PA  and one of the Wood ancestors of the DNA matches. Do they have a common ancestor and if so who? Any help on the Wood Family would be appreciated.

Multiple DNA Matches (listed as 4th-6th cousins) on Ancestry.com have Wood ancestors (and I've probably missed some and these are just the ones with posted trees). These also match other descendants of John and Rosanna in the US:

(3 matches) Sarah WOOD born about 1810 Wrockwardine married to William PASCALL 8 Jun 1835 Lilleshall

(3 matches) John (born about 1791 Wrockwardine) and Susannah Edwards WOOD married 17 May 1816 Wrockwardine and their son Robert WOOD born about 1819 Wrockwardine married to Emma CLEE

William WOOD born about 1781 Lilleshall married 1803 Wrockwardine to Elizabeth LLOYD and their daughter Hannah WOOD born about 1811 Donnington married to Andrew BATED 12 Oct 1830 Wrockwardine

Emma WOOD born about 1812 Wrockwardine married to John BLADEN

William WOOD married to Elizabeth FENN 2 Apr 1839 Wellington?

William WOOD born about 1816 married to Jemima WAKELEY 5 Feb 1837 Wellington

Sarah WOOD born about 1740 married to Thomas LOWE 9 Aug 1765 Eyton Upon the Weald Moors

Jane WOOD born about 1781 married Thomas Charles WRIGHT 12 Sep 1802 Wrockwardine

(2 matches) Sarah WOOD born about 1811 Staffordshire, married to William JONES and their son David born West Bromwich 1845


Sarah WOOD PASCALL and Jane WOOD WRIGHT are connected through shared matches.

Sarah WOOD JONES and William WOOD married to Elizabeth LLOYD are connected through shared matches.


The 1850 census record for John and Rosanna in Danville, PA has a Job Johnson living with them. Job's parents, Thomas and "Cilvy" SHEPPERD Johnson, witnessed the marriage of John and Rosanna in 1829. Thomas and "Cilvy" were married 10 Jul 1823 Trevethin, Pontypool, Monmouthshire. Thomas was born 1789-1791 Staffordshire and was listed in the 1860 US Census in Danville, Montour, PA with Job. Could they have been relatives?


Children of John and Rosanna Hayward WOOD were:

Sarah WOOD born Blaenavon, Wales, arrived 1833?, arrived 1839 NY, NY, married to William Wright

Elizabeth WOOD born Blaenavon, Wales, arrived 1833?, arrived 1839 NY, NY, married to Richard HOPKINS

William ROSSWELL WOOD born 1835 where?, arrived 1833?, arrived 1839 NY, NY from Cardiff aboard the Henry THOMPSON, married to Mary Ann BRENT (my 2nd great grandparents)

John R. WOOD arrived 1839 NY, NY, married to Mary A. MALLISON/MALLINSON

Robert William WOOD married to Elizabeth Jane KEMP

Richard WOOD born 1841 and not listed in 1850 census

Rosanna WOOD married to James B. THOMAS

Emanuel WOOD married to Sarah Margaret THOMAS


Children of Richard and Elizabeth Wakeley HAYWARD:

William HAYWARD baptised 17 Jul 1803 Wombridge, married to Sarah Jane DAVIES 25 Jul 1844 Llanwenarth Ultra, Monmouthshire, died 1880 Blaenavon, Monmouthshire

Ann HAYWARD baptised 10 Mar 1805 Wombridge, married Richard GAUT 21 Mar 1831 Blaenavon, Monmouthshire and witnessed by John WOOD, died 24 May 1881 White Horse Inn, Blaenavon, Monmouthshire

Rosanna HAYWARD born 24 Apr 1807, baptised 10 May 1807 Wombridge, married John WOOD 11 May 1829 Llanhilleth, Monmouthshire, arrived in US 1833?, returned to Wales? England?, arrived 7 Jun 1839 NY, NY from Cardiff, Wales aboard the ship Henry Thompson, died 4 Oct 1873 Danville, Montour, PA AGED 66 YRS 5MO & 10D

Elizabeth HAYWARD baptised 9 Nov 1809 Wombridge, married James JONES 4 May 1834 Llantrisaint Fawr, Monmouthshire, witnessed father's death 14 Jul 1851 Blaenavon, died 21 Oct 1878?

Martha HAYWARD? born about 1814, Burial 6 Jul 1817 Blaenavon

Mary HAYWARD baptised 5 Feb 1815 Llanover, Blaenavon, Monmouthshire, married John Baker 9 Jan 1841 Llanover, Monmouthshire, married John Lees 25 May 1846 St, Bartholomew, Llanover, Monmouthshire, arrived 9 Jul 1851 NY, NY, 1860 and 1870 census located in PA, 1880 Census Clay, Indiana, died 30 Jul 1882 Clay, Indiana

Martha Hayward born about 1822 Blaenavon, present at mother's death 5 Apr 1860 Blaenavon, married William Robinson 21 Mar 1869 Llantrisaint Fawr, Monmouthshire, lived in White Horse Inn 1886 Blaenavon, listed as widow and aunt of Emily Ann Hayward (daughter of William 1803)

Richard Hayward born 18 Apr 1823 The Brickyard, Blaenavon, Monmouthshire, baptised 18 May 1823 Llanover Parish, married Sarah George 11 Aug 1845 Llanover Parish, arrived 9 Jul 1851 NY, NY, census 1860 Danville, Montour, PA, 1870 Census Clay, Indiana, died 2 Aug 1884 Brazil, Clay, Indiana