Wombridge Marriage Registers

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I'm attempting to locate a marriage that I think may have taken place in Wombridge around 1775.

The marriage registers appear to be unavailable from about 1751 through to 1802.

Can anybody shed any light on their whereabouts.

Many Thanks

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Andrew

The first thing I would suggest is that you give us the names of the couple who you think married and the name and date of baptism of at least their first child.  With this information someone might be able to pick up something.

Looking on the Find my Past web site collection of Shropshire Marriages there is a gap in the Wombridge marriages between 1751 and 1802 but the Shropshire Archives information about their parish register holdings (scroll about half way down the page to the 'parish registers' PDF link) where the information for Wombridge shows (Col. 4) that the 'registers', which I presume means Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, have been transcribed between 1721 and 1812 but this transcript, which was almost certainly done about a hundred years ago by the (then) Shropshire Parish Register Society, will only be available for viewing in Shropshire Archives.

In Col. 6 headed FMP the PDF shows marriages to be available on Find my Past from 1722 to 1880 without any suggestion of a gap but this is clearly not the case.

If you can get into Shropshire Archives in the New Year (check opening times) I suggest that is your best option otherwise you could email them and ask them to clarify the position with regard to the gap in the marriages available on Find my Past.  As per my first paragraph do include the details of the couple you are trying to find.  You could also contact Find my Past and ask if they have any knowledge of the gap in the marriages.

If you do manage to resolve this problem please post the outcome here for the benefit of other researchers.


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Hi Mike

Thanks for responding; it does seem that the Shropshire Archives are going to be the best bet, I'll give them a go when I next get the opportunity to get over there (I live in Kent and normally travel back for weekends so, at best, their opening times aren't ideal for me). I will take you advice though a drop them an email, if I can get any further detail on the availability of the records I'll definitely post it here.

The marriage I'm trying to locate is that of Thomas Ferriday and Mary. The first record of a child I have for them is May 1779 in Wombridge where there is records for two subsequent children.

Mary died 1792 and is buried in Wombridge, the headstone is still there, and Thomas went on to marry an Ann but I am also unable to locate this marriage, I assume it falls in to the same category of the first marriage.

Thanks for your help