WILKINSON Surname Shropshire/Staffordshire. Can anyone please help?

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Hello SFHS

I am hoping you can help me. I live in Berkshire but am originally from Sheffield. Moving back through my family history has taken me from the Ironworks of Sheffield, preceded by a move from Kinver, Staffordshire circa 1870 [Henry William WILKIINSON b. 16 Oct 1843 Kinver, m. 18 Jun 1865, Jane CASWELL], Henry Williams' father being Benjamin WILKINSON b. abt Oct 1809 Caynham, Shropshire.

My problem lies with moving back a further generation from Benjamin WILKINSON to his father. I can see from Parish records that his parents were William WILKINSON and Mary. The only sensible marriage is between a William WILKINSON and Mary TYLER, he being baptised in Barrow and she in Higher Maesbrook [base child of Elizabeth TYLER]. Has anyone else researched this, as it seems a bit of a large geographical jump? Perhaps I just doubt my own findings!

Assuming that William and Mary are the parents of Benjamin and working back a further generation, I get to William WILKINSON and Sarah BIRD m. 14 May 1781 Buildwas and from William to his father John WILKINSON b abt 1725 Buildwas.

Earlier this week I visited the Holy Trinity Church at Buildwas and found 3 very interesting graves that I hope you may have more info on.

1. John WILKINSON d. 28 May 1808. A brick epitaph with an iron cover. Is this in tribute to John 'Iron Mad' WILKINSON?

2. Francis WILKINSON and wife Sarah. A similar brick epitaph to 1. but with a stone cover.

3. Francis WILKINSON and wife Sarah [a headstone]. Are 2. and 3. the same people?

I couldn't see anything in the graveyard that directly relating to those people mentioned in my lineage above. Although many of the stone pieces were unreadable.

Sorry about the rambling nature of this post but any clues or info you may have would be gratefully received.

With kind regards

Neil Wilkinson

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There are 4 Francis WILKINSONs buried at Buildwas between 1788 and 1830 according to our Burial Index CD, so it's unlikely to be the same one.

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Thanks for the response and info.


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Hi Neil, 

We met some years ago in Sheffield, my dad George and I at your home. I hope you and your family are well.

I have been back in the family trail again recently after a long gap, and I have been also trying to verify the details of Benjamin's parents. I have Mary FOWLER from Dowles, daughter of Samuel and Mary but born 1776 rather than 1778 as suggested in the census. Also poss death 1861 , Dudley, but I need to chase the certificate. Is your supposed Mary TYLER the one born in Baschurch in 1778?

The marriage was in Caynham, so I hoped to find a William there but can only find one born 1847! So like you I am left with the William from Barrow, born 1886. And no record of death which must have been pre-census dates.

So I haven't anything to add to your efforts, just to be frustrated that I am stuck.


Jane James (Wilkinson)