Where is this large country house?

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Hello all,

I am hoping that someone will be able to help me identify the large country house shown in the photographs at the links below. I am researching a collection of photographs taken by Margaret Longueville (Penylan, Oswestry?), that I acquired a few years ago. The pictures below were taken in about 1942/43, and are part of a group of pictures labelled as "Craven Arms" (CA) and nothing more. I know only a little about Miss Longueville, but she seems to have volunteered to do war service with FANY and later ATS.

Many thanks in anticipation.

I am based in Suffolk and do not know Shropshire particularly well.

Here are the links:



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I think you are just too late, if it's where we think it is, it has just been taken off the market with a price tag of £1.35M - 13 Bedroomed Ferney Hall, Nr Onibury, Shropshire, otherwise you could have booked a viewing. wink

British Listed Buildings not conclusive by the photo on this site but local knowledge says it is. Click on image to get full size.

13 Bedroom House for sale Image bears a lot of similarity.


Secret Shropshire This is the clincher for me.

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Many thanks indeed for this! It is certainly the house in my photos, taken c.1943 when the lady I mention was stationed there. I gather the house fell into disrepair at the end of WWII.

Best wishes


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I've just found this forum although I have browsed the SFHS site for some time.

This certainly is Ferney Hall but unfortunately its future is still uncertain. I am interested in this area because my father was born at Ferney Hall Farm in 1907 when his father was the farm bailiff.

At some time the farm was split from the estate and if there is anyone with more detailed knowledge of the farm I'd be delighted to know.




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Hi. I understand my grandad lived at Ferney Hall. His name was Anthony Harry Van Bergen. His parents were wealthy Americans and rented Attingham Hall from the Berwicks for seven years, then moved to Ferney Hall when they lost all their money in the 1929 Wall Street crash (they were downsizing!!????). The family story then is that it burnt down...I'm wondering if this is anything anyone on here knows about? (I live in Wiltshire and know little about Shropshire). Many thanks.