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Due to family commitments, I have stood down from looking after Shropshire Family History Society's web-site. I've looked after the web-site since Stuart handed it over to me many, many years ago, developing it in it's original format and then, when it was decided we needed a new web-site, I assisted Graham Bradbury (then President) with migrating the site to Drupal, which with the help and guidance of Web Orchard went very smoothly.
The committee want to migrate the web-site to a new platform and include a shop and other things along with everything the current site has. We are speaking to Web Orchard about this and WordPress is going to be high on the list of options, so if you are interested in volunteering to help, a Paid-up member of Shropshire FHS and, preferably, willing to join the committee (1 night 11 months a year at Cross Houses), please let one of us know then you could get involved at the birth of the new web-site and, hopefully, get some training should you need it.
We have a group of committee members who "dabble" in the Web-site and some want to do a bit more, so your role wouldn't be covering absolutely everything, e.g. John Shearman and 2 helpers look after the web-sites Membership Database.
As long as someone is looking after the web-site, I will remain on committee and am happy to offer support to a new volunteer.

For more info OR to volunteer, please contact:-
Andrew Bennett Chairman@sfhs.org.uk
Paul Quatermaine treasurer@sfhs.org.uk
John Ravenscroft fairs@sfhs.org.uk

Graham Williams grahamw@sfhs.org.uk