Walker Street Guardians?

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I'm new, but planning trip to the area to get a feel for where my American Borne Grandfather lived after being taken from his mother's Wesleyan Family and his Aunts, Uncles etc. 

My Grandfather was in Wellington Salop from 1928 -1942.
His mother died in London as she was taken to hospital from Clacton on Sea. She was married to William ALLEN in 1918, went to USA to join him in 1920 and returned to UK in 1927.

Richard ALLEN b. 1924 Illinois area, d. 28 Nov 2005.
He married 21 Nov 1947
After his time with British Army he retired in 1962, he had lots of stories and such a positive outlook. In his military service record his Guardian is listed as:-

29 Walker Street, and apprentice farmer
Wellington, Salop

If anyone has any info on where to trace records for the guardians, the children in their care. 

All to better understand why my grandfather's age was distorted so he could be put to work. Who changed it, was it the Catholic Nuns, who's charge was fitted with leg braces, at age 4. 

From what I understand there were various units Unwed Mothers, orphaned children boys and girls. Guardians met at Union House.

In 1939 census Mr DALY and family still appear in census, directories etc. 

Am curious to see if minutes or details of those meetings still exist? 

Any help is greatly appreciated