W WINDSOR died 07/08/1832

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I have a mourning brooch inscribed with the details above and have no idea why it is in my mother's family heirlooms (although its possible that it could relate to my father's family who did have Shropshire links - Pitchford). The nearest I have got to identification is a W WINDSOR buried at Westbury on 10/08/1832. Is there an archive somewhere giving details of the graves at Westbury or are those graves likely to be long gone? 

If I can confirm the 2 are linked, then there is also a link to a Maria WINDSOR and the possibility of more facts.

Does anyone have a family tree with these persons included?

I am based in the North West so popping down to research the Local Archives and graveyards is difficult. Can anyone assist, please.


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Do you subscribe to the Ancestry website? If so then if you search on the surname WINDSOR, year of death 1832 and place of death as Shropshire then you should be able to find a Will for William WINDSOR  The Will is held by The Prerogorative Court of Canterbury, with an image on the Ancestry website. Probate was granted on 10th September 1832, and it states that William WINDSOR lived in Westbury, but was also connected with Allberbury, that his wife was named Maria, and that the Will was written in 1824. It also mentions that he was well known to a John DAVIES and a Edward OLIVER, both of Shrewsbury.

Shropshire burials are held on the Findmypast subscription website, with the burial of William WINDSOR, of Westbury, at Westbury on 10th August 1832 aged 52 years. Maria WINDSOR was buried in Westbury in 1852 aged 70, and interestingly her address was recorded as 28 Lloyd Square, Pentonville, London.

This leads to a 1841 Census record for Maria living in Westbury,age recorded as 55 years, occupation Innkeeper, born Shropshire, with three other people living in the same household.

Finding other online records for William and Maria has been elusive so far.

Does the info above help?


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Hello Phil

Thank you for your efforts. I had got some of this but the additional info is welcome.

The main thing I need to prove is that W Windsor who died on 7/8/32 is the same person who was buried on 10/8/32, the timescale seems about right. The fact that the family was wealthy enough to produce mourning brooches and "your" W Windsor was wealthy enough for a will are indicative that its all the same person - But......  !!

I may have to put some hours in on my family tree to see if I can find a link back to the person or immediate area which I think includes Ruyton.

Regards.  Kevin