Thomas COOKE, Mayor of Much Wenlock

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My wife and I am planning on visiting Much Wenlock on the weekend of 31st January / 1st February.  The main reason for our visit is to find out as much as we can about my relative Thomas COOKE, who was the brother of my Great Great Grandmother Alice COOKE.

I know that he was twice Mayor of Much Wenlock, and Alderman and donated the Clock Tower.  I also know that he left £70,000 in his will when he died in Funchal Madeira in 1931, and was described as a merchant.  I enclose a photo of his gravestone there from the English Cemetery from our visit there last year.  I am also planning on employing someone to do some research for me in Madeira to discover what they can about his time there.

If anybody can help us to discover as much about him as they can, we would be delighted to meet them.  I could also help you fill in his family tree if you are interested.

We look forward to your reply

Dominic (dominichames @ [PLEASE EMAIL DIRECTLY]