TEAGUE family from Wellington area in early to mid 1800s

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Peggy McGeady
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I am trying to research my ancestors from the Wellington, Ketley & Wombridge area.  The oldest I have come across is Jabez TEAGUE born around 1835, his father was John TEAGUE c 1801 and mother Margaret BARNES (or BURNS) c 1807.

If anyone has any information on these families around this time I would love to hear from you.

Peggy McGeady

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If you come across any HOULSTONs linking up with your TEAGUEs in the areas you mention, please let me know. John

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Would a HOULSON be Dinah or Diana, or variants of?

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I am researching the JOHNSON family that lived at Eyton upon the Weald Moors as shown on the 1851 and 1861 UK Censuses. My great-grandfather was Henry JOHNSON and he was, as we understand, born in August 1866, out of wedlock, to Hannah JOHNSON who is listed as a daughter to Richard and Hannah JOHNSON in the above Censuses aged 1y and 11y respectively.

Why is this on a TEAGUE thread? When Henry married in South Australia in 1906 his father is recorded as "Henry TEAGUE".

In the 1871 Census, Hannah JOHNSON, aged 20y, was a servant for Henery and Elizabeth BROWN at Preston upon the Weald Moors.

Are there any records of a Henry TEAGUE in the Eyton-Preston-Wellington area of Shropshire in the 1860s?

Ken Johnson