Swimming baths/Cinema.

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Robert H
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Does anyone have a picture of the Kingdom Hall.Plough Rd, Wrockwardine Wood when it was a Swimming Baths or prior to that a Cinema? or prior to that a cinema?

Terry Gilder
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Dear Robert,  I am not sure whether you query relates to Family History or Local History . . . either way, I can providwe some info about the history of that site on Plough Road in Wrockwardine Wood.  The old cinema, The Regent, opened in 1946 by Salopian Cinemas Limited.  As you say, it later served as a swimming pool though I am given to understand that it was built of rough concrete (no smooth tiles for the young swimmers who used it). How long the building served as a pool I have no knowledge but by the mid-1950s, it had become a meeting place for thr Jehovah's Witnesses. Regret no photographs of the building in any of it guises.

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Hi Terry 

I think you have the date for the swimming pool closing wrong, I remember going swimming there in 1966 and I think it closed a couple of years after that.