Swan Yard Frankwell

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1871 Census records  my ancestors Robert and Margaret MEREDITH living in Swan Yard, Frankwell, Shrewsbury.  The dwelling preceding this is the Swan Inn. 

Fellow residents are mainly women, listing occupations pointing to the service industry... laundress, washerwoman, seamstress.  

Looking at various on-line maps and websites i presume the Swan Inn is now (part of) the Olive Tree, Frankwell. 

Was the inn residential?  Was the inn keeper (who also had a second occupation listed of tin-plate worker) providing laundry services or would these people have worked in various large houses in the area? I have tried searches of on line newspaper without success. 

Can any one suggest a source of information about the Yard... At present I am limited to on-line sources (I live in Kent UK). 

Guidance welcome

thank you