STYCHE Family of Benthall

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Hi All

Just found and joined this excellent site.I've been researching my family history for some time but have hit a brick wall regarding a certain Richard STYCHE. I'm unable to find a marriage anywhere. He was baptised 21Dec 1730 at Benthall. His wifes name is given as Anne on parish records for their children. Up to now I've been really fortunate as the name STYCHE was fairly common in this village. I believe, but not yet confirmed, his first child, Richard was baptised in 1758 so I'm guessing the marriage took place c1750-1758. If anyone can assist I would very much appreciate it.

Just a final note his son, Michael married Anne HARTSHORNE at Benthall in 1781. His son also named Michael also Married an Anne HARTSHORNE in Wolverhampton in 1816! HARTSHORNE was also very prevalent surname in and around Benthall.