Stancel (eventually became known as Stanley) JONES b. 1885

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Stacel, born Gladestry, Radnorshire 8 June 1885. Father John Jones, Mother Eliza Ann Jones.  Supposedly married Ida M Bulton (Button?).  I have a Marriage Cert. Stanley with Ida Margery Button Leiston, Suffolk Dec 20 1917 This Stanley was on Active service  at WOOL, Dorset possibly Royal Tank Corp. Cert shows his age 30.... Stancel/Stanley would've been 32. He died 9th JUne 1923. Residing at 31 Benyon Street Shrewsbury. Widow Ida. M. Jones.  I'm trying to confirm if she is Ida Margery BUTTON ........or anything about them.  Possible son Dennis b 192?
very grateful for any help.


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There is record of a Birth Dec 1919   (>99%)
Jones  Denis S  Button  Blything  4a 2112
on FreeBmd.
It is (currently) only  record, based on "Button" and "Bulton", and "Denis" and "Dennis".

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