Smith Family, Edgmond

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Daphne Price
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My Grandad Samuel Smith was born in February 1884, his father was William and his mother Sarah Ann.  He had several siblings, but he himself ended up in India and married an Indian born British girl, living there.  My Dad was born in India and was sent to england to complete his education; he became estranged from his family, and we grew up in St Georges, Oakengates, never knowign we had several cousins living in Shropshire.  I now have a photo album from the 1960s and am trying to connect the people in it to the family tree.  

Samuel's siblings and approx dob were

John 1883

Samuel 1884

Joseph. 1882

Elizabeth. 1878

Ernest 1875

Mary. 1873

Mable 1872


The photos were taken in 1962 and the album is entitled summer holidays 1962.  One photo was taken in the back garden of 30 Frogmore Road. One photo features Uncle Sid, Doris, Aunt Mabs(Mable) and a child, Margaret - she was about 10, a similar age to myself in the 1960s.

I would be interested to find out more, although I no longer live in Shropshire my mother and two of my brothers still do.

Daphne Price (70)