Short Notice - 140 FREE FindMypast Credits expires today!

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This has been posted on Powys and Liverpool MessageBoards and has worked today for me.

A total of 140 free credits on Find My Past are available.
Find My Past, via their main page (50 credits), Who Do You Think You Are magazine (40 credits) and Lost Cousins News letter (50 credits), have  special offer codes giving free credits over the Christmas period (you must claim them by 1st JANUARY ), the codes are input on their subscriptions page  you DO NOT NEED TO ADD credit card details etc.
The credits last you 90 days. Code SNOWFLAKE is there by default, but just enter the other two separately and the credits get added instantly.
Codes are:

Happy New Year!

Graham (WebMaster SFHS)

Gwynne Chadwick
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Thanks for the news about the offer.
It's still working at 6:00 p.m. UK time on Wed 2nd Jan.

You only need to visit the 'Find My Past' web page and enter the three codes mentioned.