Sheeps Head Shut

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Ruth Wright
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Does anyone know where "Sheeps Head Shut" was in 1840?  It is probably in the Saint Chad parish of Shrewsbury.  Thank you. 

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Ruth

I quote from Shrewsbury Street Names by John L. Hobbs, F.R.Hist.S., F.L.A. published by Wilding 1954 page 139, "A shut leading from Mardol to the river - destroyed when Smithfield Road was made in 1850 - was the Sheep's Head Shut.  This 'alley of evil repute' (as it was described fifty years ago) [presumably about 1900] is said to have derived its name from the practice of a butcher who lived there in hanging up sheep's heads at its entrance to show that his shop was nearby."

I don't have a map old enough to show it.