Seeking info on Thomas CULLIS b. 1837 in Dawley

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I am from USA, seeking info on 3x GGF Thomas CULLIS. Specifically: What happened to his first wife Ann, which children are from Ann and which children are from Sarah, and if anyone knows the parents of his father Hugh. Also would love to hear from any other CULLIS descendents - any info at all is welcome.

What I do know: 

- He shows in 1841 census as being 5 years old living with 60 year old Hugh CULLIS and 25 year old Emmeale CULLIS in Dawley Magna, Shropshire. I don't know if this is mother and grandfather, or mother and father. 

- I cannot locate him in the 1851 census. 

- In the 1861 census he lives in Malinslee, Shropshire, married to Ann (she shows as being from Ireland). He is listed as 23 and she is 21. They have 3 children, John H (4), Urias (3), and Eliza (1).

- I cannot locate him in the 1871 census. 

- In the 1881 census, he appears to have moved to Wolverhampton, Staffordshire. His wife's name is Sarah (she shows as being from Coventry). He is 44 and she is listed as being 30. They have 7 children, including my 2x GGF Thomas. He shows as being 13 years old. I am trying to determine if Sarah or Ann is the mother of my 2nd GGF Thomas.

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HI I am the GGG Granddaughter of Thomas Cullis. This is what I know:

Thomas was baptised 14.12.1836 at All Saints Church Wellington Shropshire his father was Hugh Cullis and his mother was Amelia Beamish. His first wife was Ann Dorsett who was born about 1833 in Ireland she died in 1871 was buried on 14.9.1871 at Holy Trinity Church Heath Town Wolverhampton. In 1881 Thomas married Sarah Ann Pardoe who was born in 1851 in Coventry she died in 1919 and was buried on 20.2.1919 at Bilston Cemetery Wolverhampton. Thomas died in 1919 and was buried on 19.12.1919 at Bilston Cemetery Wolverhampton. 

Children born to THOMAS and ANN:

JOHN HENRY born 1856 Old Park Shropshire. Married 1. Sarah Jane Evans 28.10.1878 St Georges Church Wolverhampton. 2. Mary Ann Jones 18.7.1880 St Marks Church Wolverhampton. 3. Grace Brechen 17.12.1893 St Georges Church Wolverhampton. John Henry died in 1934 and was buried on 7.4.1934 at Alexandra Road Cemetery Tipton.    

URIAH born 1858 Oakengates Shropshie and was baptised on 21.3.1858. Married Emily Young on 20.9.1877 St Johns Church Wolverhampton. He died in 1886 and was buried on 15.4.1886 at Holy Trinity Chuch Heath Town Wolverhampton.

ELIZA ANN born 1860 Dawley Magna Shropshire and was baptised on 18.3.1860. Married 1. Alfred Charles Gough 28.10.1878 St Georges Church Wolverhampton. 2. Albert Edward Seaman 4.5.1890. Eliza died in 1914 in Wolverhampton. 

EMILY born 1864 in Malinslee Shropshire and was baptised 8.1.1864 she died aged 9 months and was buried on 20.10.1864 in Malinslee.

ALBERT born in 1866 in Dawley Magna and was baptised on 28.1.1866. Married Harriet Neenon on 4.4.1887 at St Marys Church Wolverhampton. He died in1914 and was buried on 27.2.1914 at Merridale Cemetery Wolverhampton.

THOMAS born 1868 Dawley Magna Shropshire. He emigrated to USA in 1888 and married Neva May Stinson about 1903 in Pennsylvania. Thomas had a child Beatrice Elizabeth/Evadell born 7.5.1892 with Banche Monroe.

Agnes born 1871 in Wolverhampton. Married 1. Henry Dixon on 5.3.1888 St Peters Church Birmingham Warwickshire. 2. Richard Alfred Smith on 24.5.1897 at St Michaels Church Pancras London. She died in 1944 in Lambeth London.

Children born to THOMAS and SARAH:

WILLIAM born 1873 in Bilston Wolverhampton. Married Elizabeth Walters 10.9.1893 St Georges Church Wolverhampton. He died in1956 in Cheshire.

EMMA born 1874 in Bilston Wolverhampton. Married John Thomas Worton in 1896 in Wolverhampton. They emigrated to Canada in 1921.

MARY JANE (also known as Jennie/Jane) was born in 1877 in Wolverhampton. Married Percy Fletcher Chandler 1901 in Walsall. I do not know when she died.

BEN born in 1879 in Bilston Wolverhampton. He died in 1892 and was buried on 15.1.1892 at Bilston Cemetery Wolverhampton.

FREDERICK born on 26.5.1881 in Wolverhampton. He emigrated to USA in 1901. He married Kathryn Meyer on 30.6.1908 in Cattaraugus New York. He died in 1970 in Salamanca New York and was buried at Wildwood Cemetery.

GEORGE born 1884 in Wolverhampton. Married May Westhead in 1909 in Cheshire. He died in 1942 in Kidderminster Worcestershire.

URIAS born 8.4.1886 in Wolverhampton and was baptised on 20.6.1886 at St Georges Church Wolverhampton. Married 1. Betsy Owen on 28.5.1908 in Wolverhampton. They emigrated to USA on 6.4.1912. 2. Eleanor Mae Hubright in 1960 at Broward Florida. He died 17.1.1974 in Broward and was buried at Lake View Cemetery Cleveland Ohio.

FLORIE born 1888 wolverhampton and was baptised on 21.11.1888 at St Georges Church Wolverhampton. She died aged 1 year and was buried on 28.11.1889 at Merridale Cemetery Wolverhampton.

WALTER born on 25.12.1891 in Wolverhampton. Married Winifred Foster in 1914 in Wolverhampton. He died in 1958 in Wolverhampton.

FRANK born 1893 in Wolvehampton. He died on 27.7.1916 Somme France.

LILY born 14.12.1897 in Wolverhampton. Married John Cooper in 1916 in Wolverhampton. She died in1975 in Wolverhampton. 

This is the information I have about Thomas Cullis parents Hugh and Amelia:

HUGH born 16.10.1778 Broseley Shropshire and was baptised on 8.3.1780 at St Leonards Church Broseley. His parents were Thomas and Mary. I do not have a marriage date for Hugh and Amelia. He died 1.3.1845 Madeley Shropshire and was buried 7.3.1845 Ketley Shropshire. Amelia was born about 1817 in Dawley Shropshire. She remarried on 18.5.1848  to William Whitehead in Much Wenlock Shropshire. Amelia died in 1884 and was buried on 11.6.1886 in Ketley Shropshire.  Hugh and Amelia also had three daughters Mary Ann baptised 5.9.1838. She died on 26.12.1849 and was buried on 30.12 1849 Ketley Shropshire. NK born in 1841. Eliza born 1845 Shropshire. Married Edward Seaman on 3.12.1866. She died in 1903 and was buried on 20.6 1903 in Wolverhampton. Amelia and William had two sons. William born 1849 in Shropshire. Married Sarah A Dainty. He died in 1899 in Birkenhead Cheshire. Noah born in 1851 in Shropshire and was baptised 4.3.1851 in Malinslee Shropshire. Married Hannah Cartwright on 16.3.1873 at St Lukes Church Wolverhampton. He died in 1921.

I hope you find the information helpful to your research and to my knowledge it is correct. If you need anymore information please contact me. 


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Twiglet, thank you so much for the info! I believe that makes us 4th cousins once removed? I can give you more info on Thomas Jrs line in America if you'd like to exchange info? My email is I also live about 20 minutes from where Urias is buried. Thanks again!

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I need to amend the death date and year of Thomas Cullis born in 1836. He died in 1912 and was buried on 19.12.1912 not in 1919 as I originally posted. Also Amelia Cullis mother of Thomas was buried on 11.6.1884 not 1886 apologies for the error.

 I have some info about the family on the census. I cannot locate them on the 1851 or 1871 census.

In the 1891 census Thomas and Sarah were living at 26 Bilston Street Wolverhampton with 8 of their children. Thomas occupation is listed as a Travelling Showman.

In the 1901 census Thomas and Sarah were living at Sutherland Place Wolverhampton with 5 of their children. Thomas occupation is listed as an Iron Worker.

In the 1911 census Thomas was staying with his son Albert and his family at 52 Oxford Street Wolverhampton. Thomas occupation is listed as an Iron Founder.

In the 1911 census Sarah is living at 6 Union Street Wolverhampton with 3 of the children. (It states she is a widow but this is a mistake as Thomas was still alive). Sarah's occupation is listed as a Charwoman.

I hope the info is helpful.