Seeking father of Edward MADDOX (17th century)

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Hi.  I'm trying to identify the father of Edward Maddox, who was a Munslow Parish member in the mid-1600s.  I've established my direct descent from this Edward Maddox, who is listed in the Munslow Parish Register as the husband of Ellinor (m. bef. 1648), with children Edward (bap. 1648), Ellinor (bap. 1650), Cornelius (bap. 1651) and John (bap. 1655).  After his wife Ellinor died, Edward married the widow Dorothy Holding in 1656, and they had Alice (bap. 1656).  

See my narrative of Edward's life and his descendants at .  Edward moved his family from Shropshire to the Maryland Colony in circa 1656-1668 and the family is seen interacting there after 1668.


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One thing you should know about British parish records is that there are often gaps in the early registers, either caused by outright loss, e.g. ten years may be missing; pages may also be partially destroyed due to various circumstances; or the registers may have faded beyond  recognition.

Searching the Munslow reg.s in the link you give, there are two Maddox families that appear having children around the 1610-1620s. If you abstract those families, look for gaps in which there may be room for another child.

You can view most Shropshire parish reg.s online on FindMyPast:

This could have some records that may be missing in the link you provided; or records in other parishes.

There is a baptism for an Edward Maddox in 1595 in the close-by parish of Frodesley, though my guess is that this would be a different person; and that your Edward's baptism is probably lost.

One of the Maddox possible father's is mentioned in a doc. held by SA:

The best way to piece this together would be via a will. See here:

I notice one is for a Edward Maddox, with exec. Cornelius Maddox.

Also look for wills here:

Although there may be some further records that could help you find earlier generations, they will not be indexed.

Given the area, I would be confident in saying that this will be a Welsh surname, from the patronym ap Madoc.