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Looking for any information to explain, support or debunk the claim made by my GGGrandmother about the SANDLANDs in Wem that "Years ago it [the Sandland family] was Sandford which is the first family knighted in Shropshire."  I think I remember some family suggestion that there had been a feud that necessitated an escape "across the border." 

The oldest certain Sandland in my line is Thomas Sandland, born in Cotton in about 1787, but I believe it is reasonable that this line continues for at least several generations earlier.  I've looked pretty carefully at the online Shropshire Parish Registers covering Wem and have a good Idea of the Sandlands listed there beginning in 1585; I'd be grateful for information about  of those Sandlands.  All my research has been online since I live in Indiana, USA.