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I am shocked by the new website, I wasn't prepared for such a thing to happen.  I wouldn't mind if I knew more about how to use it.   Can you explain what 'views' are and how you can see them if they are in fact reactions to 'posts'.   I can't see anywhere to register the fact I am a member of the sfhs, my details didn't match up to anything on one screen which asked for my postcode.

 There was no mention about the website in the journal which was delivered this week.   I am sure there are a number of people who, like me, go throught the messages occasionally and will be surprised by all this.    Maybe a section on 'how to use this site' would be helpful.

Thank you, Kathleen.



SFHS WebMaster (not verified)

My apologies for confusing everyone.

We needed to get the Web-Site up as soon as possible, so that we can slowly add new feature to it, e.g. joining online.
The short notice was caused because we didn't want to make changes before Open Day, so that if things went wrong we didn't mess up people looking on the Web-Site for details of the day, but at the last minute we realised we could have a desk at the Open Day showing people what was on the new site, so I (nobody else to blame) decided to do the changeover late on Friday night. That is why it isn't in the latest Journal which "went to bed" over a month ago, but is going to be in the September Journal (I hopewink ).
We acknowledge there are and will be some teething problems, as everyone learns how to work with the new site. There are issues with matching your login to your existing membership + phone numbers (I'm one of several affected!) and it is currently being worked on, once it is resolved we will put up a news item about it, so please bear with us.
Views are when someone views a posting, BUT if I look at your posting twice it counts as 2 views, it's Replies you want to see "Reactions".
We will try and get some sort of user guide up ASAP but as I'm only a volunteer, working full time elsewhere, it'll take time to get done, however no I'm only working on one web-site.
Thank you for your understanding

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Kathleen

To answer just one of your questions - Views - this is the number of times that the message has been read. There was a problem with this for the first few hours but that has now been corrected. Your message has been read 23 times in the hour and a quarter that it has been on the forum.

I think that the fact you have managed to post your message shows that you have grasped the basics of the new site and I suggest you explore the various headings (and their sub-headings) near the top of the screen.



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Dear All,

Thank you very much.    I like the look of the site and will have a good look at everything!  I am not against change just surprises!

Cheers   K.


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I would have expected it to indicate if a contributor was member as there was some discussion on the old forum about that aspect and it was implemented. I don't mind answering to some extent non members' queries but would be more inclined to reply to members!

Also HELP, i can't find members' interests which was on the old site, am I looking in the wrong palce?!

On the whoie the change is for the better though.

Martyn Freeth
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Christine. There is a separate thread about "Members' interests" in which Graham our webmaster has explained the position.

As regards being selective about posters, it is perhaps academic at present while readership remains fairly low, if one looks at numbers of views per thread. I agree however in preferring to know who is in SFHS. (It is also a bit deflating to be listed as joining in June 2011 when SFHS membership goes back to 1980s).